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Dick Offringa - Radio Lux

Top Twenty

Barry Alldis

B: Dec.5.1930 - D: Nov.21.1982

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August 1. 1965
recorded by Dick Offringa.
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- Bonjour le monde ,
ici Radio Luxembourg

In the years after World War 2 , most teenagers in Europe listened to Radio Luxembourg. It was Prince Felix of Luxembourg who started what would become the most commersial radiostation in Europe october 7th - 1931. After a few weeks BBC stated that they did not want any competition. They called RL pirates. But in vain , the people wanted the station with their disc-jockeys with "unbuttoned"styles. They transmitted on 208 meters on the midwave.

The most popular DJ was Barry Alldis. He started dec.28.1957 and stayed until 1966. He launched the most popular show on RL , which was Top Twenty every Sunday night from 11 to 12. The 20 bestselling songs presented within 1 hour.

In 1975 RL's popularity was fading , and Barry Alldis was asked to come back to gain more listeners. He did until he died 1982 , 52 years of age.

The station is still on air. Now called RTL ..........

Barry together with the girl hosts
on a trade fair in Norway - 1965

Two unknown lens bugs also
appears in the picture.
Notice the autograph dedicated to
one of the girls (Pia) on the picture.


Barry interviewed by norwegian fame reporter Frank Nordli 1965. 

arry was called "The King of Norway" by his colleges because of his tremendeous enthusiasm for Norway and everything that was Norwegian.
Barry received the billion record award in Sandefjord , Norway 1965.

Barry together with norwegian actress Grynet Molvig - 1966.


Another radio recording by NRK , (Norwegian national radio). Barry's norwegian college Rolf Riktor.
Year - 1966.

Listen to norwegian fame NRK-DJ Vidar L Arnesen talk about Radio Lux and pirate radio times on the medium wave in his home town as a kid in the 50's. (NRK-recording)

On stage acting his DJ-performance - 1966.

Picture on the right shows
Barry's daughter Janet on
her trip to Norway doing research
for her book on her father.
Magician El Jucan is eating
45's like he did when he performed
together with Barry on stage.
50s and 60's radio from USA

A nice letter from Australia:

My Aunt, Fernande Alldis recently sent me your web page on Radio Luxembourg and Barry Alldis. It is an excellent page, well done!

I remember meeting Uncle Barry when I was about fourteen in 1980/1 when my father, Blair (Barry's brother) took me to Europe. It was a wonderful experience. I even said a few (no doubt rather inane) words over the airwaves on Barry's show when we visited RTL. I am glad he is not forgotten. Even in Australia, I find that most Europeans remember Barry's show, he must have been very popular.

Blair Alldis is now retired and
living in Queensland, Australia and I live in Tasmania, Australia. Barry's mother, Marion (my grandmother) was always very proud of Barry
and used to tell me wonderful stories about him when I was a child, she
had a transistor shortwave set and used to listen to RTL when conditions
were good, but the signal to Australia was always very weak then. I hope
to visit Europe again soon, and you have inspired me to visit Norway this
     Wishing you all the best.
Glenn Alldis.

A nice letter from USA:

The year is 1955, I, a young GI of the american army was assigned to Germany for a three (3) year tour. I was familiar with AFN but, what was
this station the GI's in my unit were listening to at night? I found out later it was RL. I didn't have a radio yet but, I would see buddies, who were gathered around a radio,listening to a
station which faded in and out, to music which we had not heard  on AFN which was for the American Forces in Germany. It was Radio Luxembourg they were listening To. All of the music they were playing would not be available
for purchase in our PX for at least a month.

We were listening to it now.
I kept up with Radio Luxembourg on subsequent tours in Germany and, The last time I listened to Radio Luxembourg was in Sept of 67.
I understand many of the DJ's that I am familiar with in the 50's & 60's are gone now, but theirmemories will  remain wit me forever. Thanks for re-living the memories of Radio
Luxembourg. You made this old trooper cry.

James H. Temperly